Tree Services

Tree maintenance is one of the most dangerous jobs out there, leave it to the professionals. Not only are we working with chainsaws but we are running them 60+ feet in the air to release very heavy objects to the ground. Rest assured, we use all of the ropes, gear, knowledge and equipment to lower them slowly and safely to the ground. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, Arbormann is fully insured. We do everything from shaping bushes to pruning fruit tree to removing the largest Siberian elm or poplar, and remove the unsightly stumps left behind.


Plant Identification

Being a botanist, Clint has professional training in plant identification and taxonomy. We can come out to your home and draw up a map of your yard and all of the plants and trees contained within it.




We have been training and propagating various species of bonsai for many years now. In that time we have fallen in love with the art form and love to share it with others. If you are interested in starting your own bonsai collection or would like to get a special gift for someone, give us a call.  We also hold free classes on wiring, trimming and re-potting bonsai at Weber State University.


We do everything from new installs to landscape maintenance. Water-wise landscaping is our favorite part of the job though. We focus on developing sustainable yards and gardens, residential and commercial, using drought tolerant species. Native plants not only are adapted to living in drought conditions, they also have their own intrinsic beauty. Inquire to see how we can update your current yard or install your new landscape right so you too can help conserve our precious water. Did I mention, if designed properly the maintenance is minimal! 


Soil Testing

If you are interested in knowing the chemical composition of your soil, we can help with that too. This service is mainly for the intensive gardeners. I will come sample your soil and have it tested for the various micro and macro nutrients that plants need to flourish. We will then carefully review the data and develop a plan to properly remediate your soil.


Tractor Work

Aside from general landscaping we also offer various tractor services. We offer tractor mowing, retaining walls, extreme snow removal, small excavation, large tree plantings and tree locating. We also install and redo mulch and gravel.